Commission Me

I am an active commission artist and I am excited to work with you to make you artworks you thought only existed in your imagination. I have numerous artistic skills that would make an ideal candidate for your creative commission needs. I'm expertly skilled in oils, acrylics, gauche, watercolor, tempera, inks, markers, pen, pencils, and charcoal. I'm an excellent illustration artist that is capable of making you the artwork you've always wanted, just the way you've wanted it.  Portraits, fan art, custom vinyl toys, painted original posters, original illustrations.   I have experience with sign making, window painting, icon design,  and logo creation. I have a knack for taking a general idea and flushing it out to more than my client had expected. My knowledge of my craft and my use ofhigh quality materials means your custom commission piece will look new and amazing for years to come!

I'm also a self-taught violent make up artist. Whether you want bruises and contusions on your model, or you need a crowd of shambling zombies, I've got the skills to make it look real. I do all my own make up for my photography scenes, so see those to get an idea if my work is a good fit for you.







Kansas City Art Institute: Bachelors of Fine Arts, Major in Painting