Saturday, Keeping Busy

So here I am with that instantaneous follow through. So, here is a quick pic of what one of the things I am working on in my studio! Think of this main page as kind of the check in on me spot as I am going to treat it a bit more like a blog.

On my easel, right now at this moment, I've got this lovely bunny lady with crystal carrots.

Estimated Finish Date (EFD): First week of May.

bun fron page 1.jpg

Also, I decided to do a quick drawing of Ariel for a response to a Facebook chain letter thing (remove negativity from Facebook via filling everyone's feed with Disney princesses) that I thought would be enjoyable. It was one of those, "should you choose to involve yourself, I will assign you the princess you remind me of."  I would like to think my buddy thought of my adventurous nature and my willingness to leave all I know behind to follow my happiness, but I suspect it has more to do with the fact that my hair was RED in high school (Yeah. Like all caps red). Either way, markers are fun and it does feel nice to finish something the same day I started it.