An Update w/ Some "Poems"

While it feels like I may have gotten back to some sort of normalcy after dropping all and trekking across country in interest of my happiness, better pay rates, more jobs for my skill set and bluer political climates, I am still keeping creativity a part of the daily routine.  I am living in an effeciencey -like a smidge less than 300sq foot- apartment in West Seattle with my favorite human, so space already couldn't allot for an actual kitchen space or full sized fridge. Trying to re-teach myself to be content with small surfaces and more limited palette space because of my limited working area is proving to be challenging but not impossible.


As always, my notebook is full of writing and few sketches because keeping a serious sketchbook practice has been a challenge for me for pretty much always. Some sort of Daily Drawing practice is sort of evolving out of my diligence in forcing myself to focus back on things that aren't living in a completely different sort of place than I spent the last decade.  I have a roof that I can see the city and Space Needle off one side and Mt. Rainier when I turn 'round. It doesn't rain nearly as much here as everyone projected at me. I keep hearing winter will make me eat my words, but really. If I don't have to deal with snow-pacalypse for a fourth year in a row, I will trade snow-blind-will-I-wreck-my-car-today-because-I-must-get-to-work-or-be-fired weather for two or four months straight rain. Every time. 


I am working as a barista at a small French Cafe a 40 minute public transit commute from my apartment. When I am not playing my PSVita I am usually observing the locals. When I people watch, I tend to journal my memory of it away in my notebook. I lack a scanner in my life, and am between hard drive expansions right now, so while I have a number of drawings to upload, the wail will continue for the moment and instead I will share with you a couple excerpts from my sketch book. No dates, but we got here in the end of May so it is between then and now and I know the general timeframe. For a few weeks, I just wrote my daily commuter experience in my notebook. Some of them entries could almost be free verse poetry when phrased right.


Sometime in Early July:


on the bus,

an old man popped a 40,

poured it into a Dunkin' Donuts tumbler

and drank it

while munching on popcorn from a QFC bag."



"The Rich UW Girls-

Really, they were so awful.

I am less enthused to journal about them."


Early October, directly below 'Mid-August Entry' in a different pen:

"So I didn't."




Also, I am present on Instagram, user name @iamartworks. Check that out for bad phone pics of art, latte art, my awesome boot/legging combos at bus stops, and me being really excited about cupcakes.