New Works Are Up and More Are Coming

I am happy to report that I am finally posting a whole slew of stuff I have finished since moving to Seattle. The last eight months has been an adventure, for sure. I am trying to keep up the momentum and get back into doing an update weekly. I have enough in my studio rotation right now I could even supplement the blog with work in progress like that short stint of time a while back. So I will start with this post. I have a rough self portrait to share that is officially the first oil painting I have worked on since moving across the country. It is good to be doing that again. Funny enough, paint drys much faster here. Thank goodness for stand oil when I need it and faster working times the rest of the time. I think (hope) this is the beginning of one of those "roll's" people claim to be on sometimes. It is a good feeling. I have a lot of painting to catch up on.


Things are really getting better all the time. So. The new gallery spaces are pretty self explanatory. The current works gallery will hopefully be growing weekly now that I have a studio practice rolling again. Thanks for coming by my little corner of the internet; be sure to check out my ArtWorks. This update was a doozy.


Remember: I am taking commissions and am excited to make your art for you.


And those of you who just received your commission pieces, thank you again for letting me make art for you. It's a good time!


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Now, as promised, here is that WIP.