The Hopping Dead Coloring Book

What a busy summer! I am officially on the other side of the "I'll Diddly Do a Dollar Doodle for You" Kickstarter project and I have around 60 photos of drawings to crop, watermark, and post. Those are coming super soon. Like, I will post what I finish as I finish 5 at a time. 


In other news, I have launched a Kickstarter for the secondary project I was working on while working on the Diddly drawings. It is exciting to announce the launch of "The Hopping Dead Coloring Book." I spent all "spare" time since my last update sketching critters and really digging into digitally drawing to make a 50 page coloring and activity book possible. I launched the project on October 1, and it will be up for funding through November 15. 


If things go well with funding, I have plans for an additional 25 pages, more puzzles, and more creature characters! I even have plans to color the whole thing myself and have a colored edition available for your coffee table book collection. It will be a must have! 


I also have some paintings of the characters from the coloring book that need to be documented and watermarked and posted. Those will be for sale through my website.


Lastly: I do have a pretty full art plate right now, but, I am still open for a couple more commissions that can be guaranteed before Christmas, but not for long!