The Kickstarter is Funded, But Still Going; Art Showing at Morsel

2015 is going great so far!


I am so happy and humbled to have reached my goal within a week of launching my Kickstarter! Over the last week I have shuffled around some of the art images showing over there in hopes it will give people a better idea of my skills.


What does it mean that the Kickstarter got funded? Well, that means that all the backers so far get their rewards! I am already starting on those. But I am far from overwhelmed! I have plenty of rewards left and I want to make some art for you. It's super easy! I hope that the project keeps growing and I have a hefty update for over here at the end. I am going to be sharing all the images from the project about a month after they ship so everyone will maintain full surprise about their received item. I have some really great ideas for future projects, and am using this doodle project as a way to test the Kickstarter waters. I hope this one snowballs into one giant artistic whirlwind and gets me sketching like it's my job. I am off to a good start for sure! I am making it a real point to have everything from this project be lovely! I mean, I have already produced a successful paisley drawing about it, and oh man. That feels nice.

"Abstract," marker drawing for the $35 tier of rewards on the Kickstarter.

In other news:

I am showing some works in a small Seattle cafe located in the U District until the middle of April. If you happen to be in that part of the world you should have the resident latte artist at Morsel pour you something beautiful and take a look at some of my framed works on their walls.  You could purchase one of my pieces while you were there and save yourself some shipping.

Here is the info on that:


4754 University Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105


Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to all my Backers over on Kickstarter for helping me reach my goal. I hope the project keeps growing.