Saturday Updated: The Second Day of Summer

Weekly zombie bunny follows this text burp.  

Working on a lot of paintings, but I'm still open for more commission work.   Sorry, but wait times on oil paintings will be longer than usual as the Midwest weather is especially humid right now. 

More to come this week: Pastel Series on Hemp Paper, Zombie Bunny every day on Twitter, and a good amount of enthusiasm for my freelance gigs. Expect your non oil paint commissions to come in early this week!

Weekly Zombie Bunny this week is from Sunday.  I love baked goods. Especially pineapple free carrot cake. 


I've been baking a lot this week

I've been baking a lot this week

Saturday Update

This week's zombunny is this little inquisitive guy here. I love him so...


If you have a request for a DZB, let me know, and that image will pop up on the internets within 4 days.


Still coming: Not just the fore-mentioned painting that needs its tape removed when dry, but I finished another this morning! The one I finished this morning is on some good ole canvas board, so I will be posting that on Wednesday (it's looking like that is when it will be dry enough to not suffer glare while documenting) .


Also: Keep checking back in the drawing section as I have been trying (for the last week any way) to update that with newness about every two days.  


Lastly: As always: Please follow me on Twitter and Like me on Facebook



It's Saturday! Weekly Zombie Bunny Time!

So, this is for sure my favorite from this week. I loved him so much, I threw him in my logo!  Please be sure to follow @iamArtWorks on twitter for the Dailies! 


I'm close to studio-splosion. Are you looking forward to the new things that are going to be posted soooo soon? Because you should be.   


Every day is a journey. And each of those journeys has a Zombie Bunny.  If you know where to look.

He wants to be your friend! It's so weird, I almost want to pet him followed by a year of washing my hands.

He wants to be your friend! It's so weird, I almost want to pet him followed by a year of washing my hands.

It's only just barely not Saturday

So here is the Weekly Zombie Bunny! Be sure to follow me on twitter @iamArtWorks to see the Daily Zombie Bunny!  


I have quite a few things going including some call for entries stuff.  Everything is in a state of almost finished. I will have more goodies soon! 


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May 10, 2013's Daily Zombie Bunny

May 10, 2013's Daily Zombie Bunny