The Hopping Dead Coloring Book

What a busy summer! I am officially on the other side of the "I'll Diddly Do a Dollar Doodle for You" Kickstarter project and I have around 60 photos of drawings to crop, watermark, and post. Those are coming super soon. Like, I will post what I finish as I finish 5 at a time. 


In other news, I have launched a Kickstarter for the secondary project I was working on while working on the Diddly drawings. It is exciting to announce the launch of "The Hopping Dead Coloring Book." I spent all "spare" time since my last update sketching critters and really digging into digitally drawing to make a 50 page coloring and activity book possible. I launched the project on October 1, and it will be up for funding through November 15. 


If things go well with funding, I have plans for an additional 25 pages, more puzzles, and more creature characters! I even have plans to color the whole thing myself and have a colored edition available for your coffee table book collection. It will be a must have! 


I also have some paintings of the characters from the coloring book that need to be documented and watermarked and posted. Those will be for sale through my website.


Lastly: I do have a pretty full art plate right now, but, I am still open for a couple more commissions that can be guaranteed before Christmas, but not for long! 

The Kickstarter is Funded, But Still Going; Art Showing at Morsel

2015 is going great so far!


I am so happy and humbled to have reached my goal within a week of launching my Kickstarter! Over the last week I have shuffled around some of the art images showing over there in hopes it will give people a better idea of my skills.


What does it mean that the Kickstarter got funded? Well, that means that all the backers so far get their rewards! I am already starting on those. But I am far from overwhelmed! I have plenty of rewards left and I want to make some art for you. It's super easy! I hope that the project keeps growing and I have a hefty update for over here at the end. I am going to be sharing all the images from the project about a month after they ship so everyone will maintain full surprise about their received item. I have some really great ideas for future projects, and am using this doodle project as a way to test the Kickstarter waters. I hope this one snowballs into one giant artistic whirlwind and gets me sketching like it's my job. I am off to a good start for sure! I am making it a real point to have everything from this project be lovely! I mean, I have already produced a successful paisley drawing about it, and oh man. That feels nice.

"Abstract," marker drawing for the $35 tier of rewards on the Kickstarter.

In other news:

I am showing some works in a small Seattle cafe located in the U District until the middle of April. If you happen to be in that part of the world you should have the resident latte artist at Morsel pour you something beautiful and take a look at some of my framed works on their walls.  You could purchase one of my pieces while you were there and save yourself some shipping.

Here is the info on that:


4754 University Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105


Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to all my Backers over on Kickstarter for helping me reach my goal. I hope the project keeps growing.

The Kickstarter is Live

To those of you coming here from that, thanks for stopping by! Keep in mind it is still the beginning of 2015, so while those galleries seem sparce, there is the rest of my portfolio in the 2005-2014 drop down menu. I hope to have a lot of drawing to do! This project will hopefully be enough to be its own space here. Be sure to follow @iamArtWorks on Instagram for some sneak peaks throughout the project! If you'd like to support that project, stop by I'll Diddly Doo a Dollar Doodle for You! and get yourself a piece of art.

New Works Are Up and More Are Coming

I am happy to report that I am finally posting a whole slew of stuff I have finished since moving to Seattle. The last eight months has been an adventure, for sure. I am trying to keep up the momentum and get back into doing an update weekly. I have enough in my studio rotation right now I could even supplement the blog with work in progress like that short stint of time a while back. So I will start with this post. I have a rough self portrait to share that is officially the first oil painting I have worked on since moving across the country. It is good to be doing that again. Funny enough, paint drys much faster here. Thank goodness for stand oil when I need it and faster working times the rest of the time. I think (hope) this is the beginning of one of those "roll's" people claim to be on sometimes. It is a good feeling. I have a lot of painting to catch up on.


Things are really getting better all the time. So. The new gallery spaces are pretty self explanatory. The current works gallery will hopefully be growing weekly now that I have a studio practice rolling again. Thanks for coming by my little corner of the internet; be sure to check out my ArtWorks. This update was a doozy.


Remember: I am taking commissions and am excited to make your art for you.


And those of you who just received your commission pieces, thank you again for letting me make art for you. It's a good time!


As always, follow me on social media for bibblings and photos between updates! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


Now, as promised, here is that WIP.

An Update w/ Some "Poems"

While it feels like I may have gotten back to some sort of normalcy after dropping all and trekking across country in interest of my happiness, better pay rates, more jobs for my skill set and bluer political climates, I am still keeping creativity a part of the daily routine.  I am living in an effeciencey -like a smidge less than 300sq foot- apartment in West Seattle with my favorite human, so space already couldn't allot for an actual kitchen space or full sized fridge. Trying to re-teach myself to be content with small surfaces and more limited palette space because of my limited working area is proving to be challenging but not impossible.


As always, my notebook is full of writing and few sketches because keeping a serious sketchbook practice has been a challenge for me for pretty much always. Some sort of Daily Drawing practice is sort of evolving out of my diligence in forcing myself to focus back on things that aren't living in a completely different sort of place than I spent the last decade.  I have a roof that I can see the city and Space Needle off one side and Mt. Rainier when I turn 'round. It doesn't rain nearly as much here as everyone projected at me. I keep hearing winter will make me eat my words, but really. If I don't have to deal with snow-pacalypse for a fourth year in a row, I will trade snow-blind-will-I-wreck-my-car-today-because-I-must-get-to-work-or-be-fired weather for two or four months straight rain. Every time. 


I am working as a barista at a small French Cafe a 40 minute public transit commute from my apartment. When I am not playing my PSVita I am usually observing the locals. When I people watch, I tend to journal my memory of it away in my notebook. I lack a scanner in my life, and am between hard drive expansions right now, so while I have a number of drawings to upload, the wail will continue for the moment and instead I will share with you a couple excerpts from my sketch book. No dates, but we got here in the end of May so it is between then and now and I know the general timeframe. For a few weeks, I just wrote my daily commuter experience in my notebook. Some of them entries could almost be free verse poetry when phrased right.


Sometime in Early July:


on the bus,

an old man popped a 40,

poured it into a Dunkin' Donuts tumbler

and drank it

while munching on popcorn from a QFC bag."



"The Rich UW Girls-

Really, they were so awful.

I am less enthused to journal about them."


Early October, directly below 'Mid-August Entry' in a different pen:

"So I didn't."




Also, I am present on Instagram, user name @iamartworks. Check that out for bad phone pics of art, latte art, my awesome boot/legging combos at bus stops, and me being really excited about cupcakes.





Made It!

It's official!  I am a Seattle, WA resident!!!  I made it out of the mid-west alive!   I'm living in West Seattle in a small studio apartment and will be making mostly smaller works for awhile probably.  My paintings and most of my belongings were left behind in a mad dash for the west coast so I wont be selling them and will change their information to show that.    I have the internet again so I can actually update my website!  You can follow my instagram and twitter accounts to see what I've been up to of late, feel free to contact me with any requests or commissions, if I like the idea enough I might make it and put it up here for you to see, of course they would be available to purchase as well.   Thanks for all the support!

The Adventure Begins

Yes. I missed the Saturday update last week. And technically yesterday. But here I have a hefty update for you. I am adding paintings to the gallery today, and when that is done, my computer is getting packed up, and I am moving across the country.


I am about to begin an adventure across country to take up living in an entire different region, time zone and the whole nine yards. The last week has been a crazy whirl wind of packing and throwing away things. So. Many. Things. I had never lived anywhere longer than I've lived in this apartment in Midtown Kansas City and I had all the stuff living in the same space for seven years could possibly accumulate.


Dan, (my life mate) and I have packed our belongings down to not much more than the bare minimum into my hatchback Volkswagen GTI and we are going on a cross country, super minimal funds, starting it all over real life adventure. Scary. And exciting. And I am no longer a hoarder. GTIs are small.


We are doing this a quickly as possible and have missed saying goodbye to some people, but we do live in 2014. Communication is so much easier these days.


Be sure to follow our adventure here on in it's very own blogspace! I plan to have a bit to write about our adventure daily, even if it does not make it to the web on the daily due to travel. It is likely that all photos will be added at the end of the journey when we get settled in Seattle.


Follow me over on twitter for some not so great psVITA photos, and wish me luck. It's going to be a week.


If you need me, I am following my happiness with my favorite person in the world.